Aviation Fuel Pipeline

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Process Flow Diagram

Drawing Title File Size
0362-D-06-P-0002 Process Schematic 229 Kb


Drawing Title File Size
0362-D-01-G-0005 Site Location 6.55 Mb
0362-D-01-G-0003 Index Sheet for Strip Maps 6.72 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0003 Strip Map 03 3.29 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0004 Strip Map 04 3.32 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0005 Strip Map 05 6.30 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0006 Strip Map 06 4.06 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0007 Strip Map 07 5.01 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0008 Strip Map 08 2.64 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0009 Strip Map 09 1.32 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0010 Strip Map 10 1.63 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0011 Strip Map 11 5.31 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0012 Strip Map 12 5.14 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0013 Strip Map 13 4.97 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0014 Strip Map 14 7.06 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0015 Strip Map 15 4.89 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0016 Strip Map 16 6.81 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0017 Strip Map 17 5.05 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0018 Strip Map 18 7.42 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0019 Strip Map 19 6.31 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0020 Strip Map 20 6.20 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0021 Strip Map 21 4.68 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0022 Strip Map 22 7.43 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0023 Strip Map 23 5.09 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0024 Strip Map 24 5.32 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0025 Strip Map 25 4.41 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0026 Strip Map 26 6.32 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0027 Strip Map 27 4.64 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0028 Strip Map 28 4.78 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0029 Strip Map 29 5.11 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0030 Strip Map 30 4.31 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0031 Strip Map 31 6.58 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0032 Strip Map 32 4.54 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0033 Strip Map 33 6.58 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0034 Strip Map 34 4.30 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0035 Strip Map 35 5.69 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0036 Strip Map 36 5.26 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0037 Strip Map 37 4.10 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0038 Strip Map 38 2.72 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0039 Strip Map 39 6.91 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0040 Strip Map 40 6.91 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0041 Strip Map 41 4.37 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0042 Strip Map 42 2.47 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0043 Strip Map 43 7.29 Mb
0362-D-02-G-0044 Strip Map 44 7.26 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0001 Tolka River Crossing 1.28 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0002 Port Tunnel Crossing 1.52 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0003 Santry River Crossing 1.93 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0004 Mayne River Crossing 1.85 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0005 Cuckoo Stream Crossing 1.74 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0006 M1 Motorway Crossing 2 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0007 Wad River Crossing 1.86 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0008 Naniken River Crossing 1.90 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0009 Kilbarrack Stream Crossing 1.86 Mb
0362-D-07-C-0010 Swords Road Crossing 2.42 Mb
0362-D-14-C-0005 X Section of Pipeline Trench 235 Kb
0362-D-01-G-0007 ESD Valve Locations 6.59 Mb
0362-D-12-C-0001 ESD Valve2 - R107 182 Kb
0362-D-12-C-0002 ESD Valve3 - R139 180 Kb

Dublin Port Company Inlet Station

Drawing Title File Size
0362-D-04-G-0001 Site Location Map 337 kb
0362-D-04-G-0002 Site Layout Plan 97 kb
0362-D-04-G-0003 Station Layout 105 kb
0362-D-04-G-0004 Site Elevations 88 kb
0362-D-04-G-0005 Control Room Floor Plan and Elevations & Sections 154 kb
0362-D-04-G-0007 Contiguous Elevations 97 kb

DAA Reception Station

Drawing Title File Size
0362-D-05-G-0001 Site Location Map 189 kb
0362-D-05-G-0002 Site Layout 225 kb
0362-D-05-G-0003 Station Layout 104 kb
0362-D-05-G-0004 Station Elevations 112 kb
0362-D-05-G-0005 Control Room 116 kb
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